Wholesale mink eyelashes worldwide

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Wholesale mink eyelashes worldwide. 3D mink eyelashes .Made of natural mink fur,super natural and vivid,cotton band is very soft,thin, can be reused more than 25 times with proper care method.We wholesale mink eyelashes worldwide.Also Our eyelash extensions include single loose eyelash, Eyelashes packaging siberian mink eyelash extensions,fox hair eyelashes extension, W/Y eyelash extensions, Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions (Korea PBT fiber).

What advantages do wholesale mink eyelashes have?
1.The structure of mink is much closer to people’s hair.
2.Mink is softer and natural than other fur materials.
3.The late of minks is strong,which can reach the 3D effect.

Eyelash packaging Wholesale

The way to wear mink eyelashes Eyelashes packaging:
1.Compare the length of own eyeliner eyelash vendors, trim extra eyeliner.
2.Evenly and thinnly apply the professional glue of wearing eyelashes on the surface of eyeliner. Rest for a moment and wait for glue to air dry.
3.Clip eyelash root with an eyelash tweezers,and let eyeliner of eyelashes be suitabale for own upper eyelid.Properly adjust the position around when apply to the eyeliners, suitable for own dress requirement.
4.If there is still demand,you can properly lay on some mascara or properly paint some eyeliner again.
If you are going to start your eyelash business, or replace the bad eyelash manufacturers now. Please contact us immediately.

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