Teach you how to remove grafted false eyelashes?

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Teach you how to remove grafted Lashes vendors Wholesale false eyelashes lashes vendors?Wholesale mink eyelashes supplier, 100% mink eyelashes manufacturer, 25mm mink lashes vendor. 

Grafting eyelashes in daily life is a common beauty method for many people. Grafting eyelashes are more natural and vivid than ordinary false eyelashes, and they are also more realistic, and are removed after grafting eyelashes. The quickest way is to use professional glue to remove false eyelashes. If you don’t have it in your hands, you need to use a gentle method to remove makeup. You can use olive oil to wipe the false eyelashes first, and use the cleansing oil to wipe the roots of the false eyelashes. except.

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What is the quick way to remove the Lashes vendors Wholesale grafted false eyelashes lashes vendors? Remove the eye makeup first. Remove the mascara and eyeliner with a gentle makeup remover to help you see natural eyelashes when you graft.

2, the face absorbs steam: hot steam is conducive to loosening the false eyelashes. A bowl of water can be heated in a microwave oven at a temperature sufficient to generate steam.

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Face the bowl, put a towel around the head, and keep the surrounding steam around the face. You can also use a steaming face or a hot towel to apply your face to make the eyelashes better removed.

  1. Soak the cotton swab with olive oil, make sure the cotton swab is completely saturated, then wipe the root of the eyelash with a cotton ball, taking care not to get your eyes. Continue to wipe the eyelashes until all false eyelashes fall.
  2. Wash your eyelashes. Pour warm water onto the eyelashes, rinse off the olive oil, or use a gentle facial cleanser to gently remove residual olive oil.  Create Your Own Brand Name For 25mm Mink Lashes Vendors With Factory Wholesale Mink Lashes.

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