False Mink Eyelashes Used 30 times

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False mink eyelashes can be used 30 times False mink lashes can make our eyes bigger and more beautiful. It is a cosmetic Eyelash Vendors Mink Lashes that is very popular and loved by everyone. Long, doll-like eyelashes are what everyone wants to have, so you can use several false eyelashes Times lash extension vendors? Eyelash Vendors supply false eyelashes, mink lashes be reused?
It can be reused, but it will be different depending on your own maintenance level and the number of times the false eyelashes are made. Generally speaking, the harder the material, the less comfortable it should be. Reused the most. Conversely, the softer it is, the more it should be deformed, and the number of repeated uses is less.

Eyelash Vendors Mink LashesEyelash Vendors Mink Lashes

For example, the nylon plastic texture can be properly maintained for more than 20 times. Such as cotton thread, real hair, etc. can be used about 5 times with proper maintenance. Of course the number of reuses is based on your own maintenance. How to better protect false eyelashes so that they can be reused?

  1. Do not apply eye shadow and mascara on false eyelashes.
    Apply the eye shadow first and then wear false eyelashes. This will prevent the eye shadow powder from getting on the false eyelashes, making it dirty and cannot be removed, which will affect the next use. Do not brush the mascara on the false eyelashes, it cannot be removed, otherwise the false eyelashes will be used up. What to do if the real and false eyelashes cannot be merged, you can use the electric eyelash curler to electrically lift your own real eyelashes, so that the real and false mink eyelash vendors can be merged.
  2. Correctly remove false eyelashes
    Many people just remove the false eyelashes when removing them, which is very bad. The first will pull the eyelids and make the eyelids slack for a long time. Secondly, if the paste is not so good, the real and false eyelashes will stick together. This tear will also tear off your own real eyelashes. Third, the false eyelashes that are directly torn off are easily deformed, reducing the number of repeated uses, and the heavy ones are discarded once. The correct way to remove false eyelashes: Use a cotton swab to apply an appropriate amount of eye makeup remover, and then gently rub the root of the false eyelashes. The method must be as gentle as possible ~ Do not use too much force when removing eye makeup. After this period of time, the false eyelashes will automatically fall off.
  3. The glue on the false eyelash stem can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. To prevent too much glue on the stem, it should not be stuck if it is used repeatedly.
  4. Keep it on hold for future use Eyelash Vendors Mink Lashes.

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