Eyelash Extensions Grafting

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Eyelash Extensions Grafting – How to Eyelash Extensions Grafting, when you buy lash extensions from wholesale mink lashes extension maker. you need to how to make suitable for eyelashes grafting.

  1. The eyelashes that have just been ironed, because the true eyelashes are too curved, the false eyelashes are not easy to locate and fall off.
    2.Just finished eye surgery (double eyelid, eye laser, embroidered eyeliner, etc.).
  2. Guests with eye diseases (needle eyes, conjunctivitis, eyelid redness, etc.).
  3. Customer’s eyelashes are too sparse, because the support is not enough, the maintenance will not last longer than normal eyelashes. The eyelash teacher should choose the correct eye lash extension and grafting method according to the eyelash condition of the customer.
  4. People whose eyes are particularly Mink lash extension vendors individual lashes individual eyelashes allergic should not be forced to do eyelash grafting.
    B.Preparations and precautions before grafting
  5. best eyelash extensions
  6. Put the customer’s hair wrapped up and put on the front scarf.
  7. Both hands and tools should be disinfected to ensure cleanliness and cleanliness.
  8. Put on a medical mask.
  9. Prepare all relevant tools from eyelash vendor.
  10. Prepare the grafted eyelashes that need to be used and paste them on the professional crystal trays in sequence.
  11. Please remove the eye makeup before grafting.
  12. Use cleanser to remove grease and dust from best eyelash extensions eyelashes and near the eyes and dry them.
  13. Use a dual-purpose eyebrow comb or eyelash comb to smooth the eyelashes of customers as far as possible.
  14. Separate upper and lower eyelashes with collagen eye patch.
  15. Start eyelash grafting.
    C. Grafting process and matters needing attention
  16. Glue should be dripped less, dripped more frequently and wasted less.
  17. Shake the glue bottle forcefully for 10 seconds before each extrusion to make the glue fully shake.
  18. Blow for 1-2 minutes with a hairdryer after operation and ask if there is any tingling sensation.
  19. Check whether the roots of each eyelash are warped, whether there are askew or unstable eyelashes, and make necessary repairs and treatments.
  20. Finally, comb your eyelashes with an eyelash brush to make them more neat and smooth.
    D. Maintenance after grafting and matters needing attention
  21. Water should not be dipped within 6-8 hours after grafting.
  22. Do not rub your eyes.
    3, do not brush mascara, so as not to increase the eyelash load.
  23. It is not suitable to steam sauna, eyelashes fall off easily when the temperature is above 50 degrees.
  24. Because of the physiological and metabolic cycle of true eyelashes, eyelashes will fall off within 30 days after grafting, and fall off less than 25%, which belongs to normal condition.
  25. According to the maintenance method and personal eyelash growth cycle, it is suggested that the eyelashes should be repaired once in about 10 days to keep the best state of eyelashes.

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A. Which customers are not suitable for eyelashes grafting, wholesale mink lashes

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