Hot sell private label wholesale China 3D silk eyelashes DLY16

Factory OHMG with over 10 years experience, manufacture wholesale best 3D 25mm lashes, color 25mm lashes, 5d mink lashes, 3d mink lashes, 5d silk lashes, faux mink lashes, 3d silk lashes and eyelashes packaging. Private label faux mink lashes, 2019 newest best 3D silk eyelashes wholesale vendors.

OHMG 2019 Bulk Wholesale beauty soft 3D faux mink eyelash natural looking  3D silk lashes vendors wholesale factory vendors. 2019 newest fluffy private label 5d silk lashes wholesale. private label faux mink lashes, faux mink strip lashes wholesale made by the soft light weight, natural looking faux mink hairs, zero burden to the eyes Hot sell OEM private label 3D mink fur eyelashes wholesale China.

Hot sell OEM private label 3D mink fur eyelashes wholesale China

And the materials have tippers at end, multiple layers fluffy looking, so really like natural hairs, but vegan and 100% cruelty free, and much lower price than real mink lashes. The 5D faux mink lashes is one of the innovation is 2019, they are the 2019 newest silk lashes, we do this high quality strip lashes wholesale, really low price, but best quality.

With triple layers, fluffy curls, soft cotton bands, flexible and seamless, give Private label reusable 3d mink faux full lashes factory supplies. OHMG is the high quality 3d silk lashes supplier in China, only manufacture the best quality Silk eyelashes manufacturer with competitive price.

 Custom packaging mink fur silk 3D eyelashes 3d wholesale silk eyelash The newest private label 3d silk lashes vendors own design China factory wholesale hot selling 3D silk eyelashes double layered Siberian silk 3d eyelashes USA with customer brand 3d eyelashes China supplier silk lashes 3D silk lashes silk eyelashes China Best 3D silk eyelashes private label China

2019 newest fluffy private label 3D wispy full silk eyelash vendors China pictures:

Wholesale 5d silk eyelashes China factory

The fluffy light weight Customized Private Label Wholesale 5d silk eyelashes China factory cruelty free private label wholesale distributor china eyelashes wholesale, one pair, each hair has tipper, and the lash hairs have a little curl, just like the natural hairs. Different kinds of package boxes,all can do private label, customized, do the color, the kind as you want.

Wholesale Silk Lashes Cheap fake eyelashes 3D eyelashes China factory
Style  More Than 200 Styles , Custom Design Also Wholesale Private Label
Material The Softest & Finest Naturally Shed Mink Hairs
Length Pretty 3D silk lashes DLY13
Life  20 Times X
Minimum Order  10 Pairs For Each Of Style
OEM  Yes
Packaging Custom Packaging & Private Label
Delivery Time  1 Weeks, Depend On  Order Quaintity
Payment     Method Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union

Wholesale silk lashes manufacturer wholesale  factory  3D silk lashes wholesales lashes

  • *Type:100% Handmade 3D silk lashes private label wholesale
  • *Material: Korean PBT hairs
  • *Place of Origin: Qingdao,China
  • *Brand Name: OHMG
  • *Model Number:
  • *Unique Design: Available
  • *OEM & ODM: Available
  • *Band: Softer, Lighter and Thinner
  • *Lifetime:10-15times with proper care
  • *Payment terms: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal
  • *Sample: Available
  • *Length:6~16mm

3D Silk Eyelash Private Label Wholesale

From side seeing of 3D Silk Eyelash Private Label Wholesale 3D Silk Eyelashes wholesale China wispy false eyelashes uk China lash band is no thick, nor thin, do the band length as the lash style thickness. The Private Label Custom Private label best wholesale silk lashes suppliers China, is fulffy, multiple layers, easy to see. Lash is short to long, from inside to outside, suit for any shape eyes wearing, very natural looking.

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OHMG manufacture silk eyelash, mink eyelash extensions, silk eyelash extensions, silk lash factory, one second bloom silk lashes vendors,Custom 3D luxury silk lash vendors wholesale private label and so on. All of these lash extensions product, we guarantee the best quality and competitive price, and best service.

We customized 3d silk lashes styles, more than hundreds luxury 3d eyelashes styles for choices, and can do invisible lash band, customized. Wholesale 3D silk eyelash natural looking.

Wholesale silk Eyelashes 3d silk lashes manufacturer

OEM Wholesale silk Eyelashes 3d silk lashes manufacturer wholesale China wholesale supply 3D silk eyelashes wholesale China, natural looking as real silk lashes hairs, light weight, zero burden to eyes, you will love the feeling of wearing Wispy 3D silk eyelash vendors wholesale.

How to buy 1. Less than 10 pairs/style please send email to, Get Wholesale Eyelashes price list: Tel: 0086- 15726209247 WhatsApp : 86-15726209247 to get sample order with retail price. 2. Payment methods, we accept paypal, money gram, western union

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