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OHMG LASHES is professional Silk Lashes Vendor, 3D Silk Lashes Supplier, Wholesale Silk Lashes manufacturer, 3D Silk Eyelashes Wholesale Producer, 3D Silk Eyelashes Supplier, Silk Lashes Wholesale Vendors, Wholesale Silk Lashes Factory. Wholesale Faux Mink Lashes 3D Silk Lashes Vendor 3D Silk Lashes factory, wholesale silk eyelashes with 10 years experience. Top quality 3d silk lashes suppliers.

With triple layers, fluffy curls, soft cotton bands, flexible and seamless, give the luxury beautiful looking. OHMG is the high quality 3d silk lashes supplier Best 3D silk strip lashes, Silk Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Vendorswholesale 3d lashes manufacturers in China, only manufacture mink lash extensions the best quality Silk eyelashes manufacturer with competitive price.

Silk Lashes Wholesale Silk 3D Lashes Vendor Silk Eyelashes

  • *Type:100% Handmade silk lashes strip lashes
  • *Material: Korean PBT hairs
  • *Place of Origin: Qingdao,China
  • *Brand Name: OHMG
  • *Model Number:
  • *Unique Design: Available
  • *OEM & ODM: Available
  • *Band: Softer, Lighter and Thinner
  • *Lifetime:10-15times with proper care
  • *Payment terms: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal
  • *Sample: Available
  • *Length:6~16mm

Silk Lashes Wholesale Silk Lashes Vendor 3D Silk Lashes Supplier

Best 3D silk strip lashes wholesale manufacturers


China Wholesale 3d silk lashes, wholesale mink eyelashes, 3d mink eyelashes lash packaging, 25mm 5d mink eyelashes

Get Wholesale Lashes price list: ohmglashes@gmail.com

Tel: 0086- 15726209247 WhatsApp : 86-15726209247


OHMG manufacture silk eyelash, mink eyelash extensions, silk eyelash extensions, is silk lash factory, one second bloom silk lashes vendors, premade fans eyelashes extension and so on. All of these lash extensions product, we guarantee the best quality and competitive price, and best service.

We customized 3d silk lashes styles, more than hundreds luxury 3d eyelashes styles for choices, and can do black lash band, customized. Top quality newest faux mink eyelashes wholesale 3d silk false eyelashes factory.

newest faux mink eyelashes wholesale

Product Description

  • Product Name: Top quality 3d silk false eyelashes suppliers
  • Material: faux mink hairs
  • Band: Invisible bands or black cotton bands
  • Technique: 100%Hand-madE
  • Color: Natural Black
  • MOQ: 100pairs per style
  • Samples: Accepted
  • Package: Eyelash Custom package is available
  • OEM, ODM: Available, and we do wholesale silk lash with your private label eyelash packages newest faux mink eyelashes wholesale lashes case
  • Payment Terms: PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram
  • Shipment Terms: By Sea, Air or Express
  • Delivery Time: 10-15 working days as your order details,5-7days if stock

newest faux mink eyelashes wholesale lashes case

Top quality 3d silk false eyelashes suppliers Pictures:

The full pair of the 3d silk lashes, one is from front seeing, the other is from the side seeing, so the perfect 3d silk lashes wholesale show you, the small crisscross style, the short to long hairs from inside to outside, suit for natural lash shape, very suitable for day and night wearing.

Wholesale fake eyelashes strip 3d silk lashes China

The front seeing, but from bottom front, the multiple layers of the 3d Wholesale fake eyelashes strip 3d silk lashes China effect clearly see, a little fluffy, not exaggerate, more then 3layers, really natural looking, like the volume natural eyelashes.

The bottom front seeing for full set of 3d silk lashes, different as the front see 5d silk lashes, the silk lashes Wholesale fake eyelashes strip custom lash box 3d silk lashes China volume layers show clearly, wearing this natural lashes, give you elegant beauty.

Wholesale fake eyelashes strip custom lash box 3d silk lashes

From side seeing, the left eye false eyelashes 3d silk lashes, is with black cotton band, not thin, not thick, so not weight, and the mink lashes keep the lash shape so great, same as eyes shape, so easy to wear, very flexible.

Other related perfect 3d silk lashes:

We have several hundreds of styles for the 3D silk hair lashes. And we guarantee for the high and stable quality for each pair and each lot of the lashes. And we always in launching new styles to satisfy the new fashions need. And also custom own style can be done.

We have more than 100 styles of luxury 3d lashes Wholesale silk eyelashes 3d silk lashes China for choices, top quality, customized.

Wholesale silk eyelashes 3d silk lashes China

Packages, Shipping & In stock:

We have different kinds of packages, and can do your private labels/logo/OEM,and with free design. Please only give us your logo and requirement for the packages, and we will make satisfied box design and packages for you.

custom-eyelash-packaging-private-label-mink-eyelashes (1)



Free design for the private label package boxes, hundreds of styles for choice. We have large stocks and can send lashes to you very fastly! And we ship the eyelashes by express, Air & Sea. and always choosing the cheapest but safe way. And we have enough stock for semi-products lashes to guarantee the fast shipment after ordering.

The Silk Lashes with custom eyelash package boxes we made for our customers:

Wholesale silk lashes 3d silk lashes China

Different kinds of silk eyelashes and lashes packages are made as customers’ requirement, and we carefully pack with opp bags for each of the magnetic boxes to seal them. Also if you have barcode, we can stick on opp bags .

False eyelashes making Procedures:

The procedure to making the 3d silk false lashes and other fake eyelashes.

  • 1.The materials: The 3d mink fur lash hair collected when farmed minks fall their hairs yearly. Our cooperative minks farms assure 50,000 young mink lashes every year, to supply us glossy, vital and enough mink fur materials.
  • 2.To put order hairs as the silk eyelashes plate. Then the silk lashes shape is coming.
  • 3.To make the silk eyelashes thread, and seal the two cotton threads together, that is to make the lash band. We use very thin two cotton threads, so our silk lashes band is soft and light. but strong
  • 4.To cut the hairs useless
  • 5.To put the eyelashes on the tubes, and then make the curl for the silk eyelashes.
  • 6.To make the 3D silk lashes effects
  • 7.Put silk eyelashes from the tubes and then put silk lashes on the lash trays.
  • From the 7 procedures, one pair of eyelashes Wholesale mink lashes manufacturer are finished making.

Wholesale mink lashes manufacturer

About us:

We,OHMG Lashes , are one of most professional wholesale eyelashes manufacturer for more than 10 years in China. We offer more than 1,000 styles of mink eyelashes for customers’ choice lash vendors.

OHMG offer 3D mink eyelashes, 5D mink eyelashes, 3D silk lashes, and velvet silk hair lashes, mink fur lashes, mink fur hair lashes, silk eyelashes, eyelash extensions, individual lashes, dramatic party lashes and so on.

Best 3D silk eyelashes china lashes factory

We pursue on high quality, competitive price and good service for all our customers. And have won good reputation with credibility and integrity in this industry.

3D silk lashes Be st 3D silk eyelashes china lashes factorymade with the Korean imported velvet soft light silk hairs provide very natural looking, and have long lasting. All the lashes are handmade with cotton thread and also clear band is available.

custom eyelash packaging 3D mink eyelash

The Lashes have 3D fluffy effect, Silk Lashes Wholesale Vendors, but much cheaper price than the 3D mink hair lashes,so very popular and hot selling custom eyelash packaging 3D mink eyelash.
The 3D silk lashes giving you the comfortable and light weight wearing experience.
We are pioneers of Korean 3D silk effect eyelashes, Silk Lashes Wholesale Vendors, OEM and ODM Services

Our 3D korea silk eyelash advantages:
1.Korea pbt fiber, softer than other brand
2.Unique style silk lashes, only our company have theses styles silk lashes. Other company can’t copy them.
3.We use specific technologies to make silk eyelash custom eyelash packaging box 3D lashes wholesale, each pair silk eyelashes are consistent
4. Our capacity is 2 million pairs silk lashes wholesale each month

custom eyelash packaging box 3D lashes wholesale

Contact Us:

Our factory chose the high quality material and have strict QC system and experienced workers to keep the high quality of Silk Lashes Wholesale Vendors our eyelashes. Welcome the friends from all over the world to visit us. And sincerely hope we can do business with you our honored customers. Any question, please feel free to contact.

Get Wholesale Lashes price list: ohmglashes@gmail.com

Tel: 0086- 15726209247 WhatsApp : 86-15726209247

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