2022 Most Beautiful Colored Glitter Lashes

OHMG Lashes Vendor creates Eyelash Vendors an exceptional moment with our Premuim Glitter Lashes. These attention-grabbing lashes are perfect for a special pop of color, to bring out the bling and shine. Glitter eyelashes can also be used as a color highlight and can lash vendor be trimmed if your clients desire a shorter look.

These Lashes Are in High Quality Glitter eyelash vendor Designed to make your eyes look fuller and more inviting in seconds; these fabulous lashes are fantastic for opening up your Glitter eyelashes vendor eyes and making them look so much bigger, so flutter and flaunt these easy to apply eyelashes and they’ll take your look to another level.

Create a beautiful, charming and Glitter eyelash vendors glamorous look. Boost your confidence and make you like a star.
We create quality, cruelty-free lashes and accessories fit for all
Glitter lash vendor eye shapes with Handmade lashes.
They’re made from Feather hair with a Super Long-length Glitter lashes vendor winged shape for a glamorous cat-eye effect. Perfect for parties,Halloween party, Anime ,cosplay, raves, and making everyday looks a little bit extra.

Attractive Size: the length of  wholesale Glitter lashes these cosplay lashes, which can be matched with different eye shapes, exquisite and beautiful, fitting most eye shapes and easy to apply and remove, bringing you a nice use experience.

Reliable and Lightweight: our fun wholesale Glitter lashes vendor fake eyelashes are mainly made of synthetic fiber material, safe and reliable, not easy to fall off, which can be applied for a long time, you can store them carefully for next time use; These colorful wholesale Glitter eyelashes are lightweight, you will feel as if there is nothing on your lashes.

3D Fluffy Eyelashes: these costume colored glitter eyelashes are made with reliable artisan craftsmanship, which will create 3D effect, making your eyes more charming, they are soft, sturdy, and not easy to fall off, which colored glitter eyelash can be applied for a long time

Cruelty-free lashes are colored glitter lashes made from nice synthetic fiber,so lightweight,hypo-allergenic,Each False Eyelashes is handmade. it is normal for the sequins to fall off a little, please contact us if you have any questions.
The strip lashes have delicate curves and well colored glitter lash sewn together. You will love the flexible, soft, sturdy band on the lashes. Very easy to apply and wonderfully put together, reusable as well, they last for a super wholesale colored glitter lash long time if you take care of them.

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