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Lipgloss and lashes, the perfect combination. This gloss applies clear and has a peppermint flavor to slightly plump the lips. Made with Vitamin E to ensure moisture is locked in and lasting.Our gloss will make your wildest gloss dreams come true. NUT-FREE ingredients UNSCENTED Perfect medium thickness that applies evenly

Sheer tint boosts the long-lasting shine you want

Easy, doe-shaped applicator for a clean swipe of gloss
Shimmer and natural finish options Vegan  Paraben-free

Plant-Based, 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
A highly-pigmented lip gloss, with a moisturizing, non-sticky formula.

This smooth, comfortable lipgloss formula delivers full-coverage color that stays in place for hours without feeling tacky.

very moisturizing and long lasting on the lip .  Carefully made with all nature oil, prefect for every looks . lip gloss are vegan approved NUT-FREE ingredients UNSCENTED Perfect medium thickness that applies evenly.

Made with Mango butter to nourish your lips with every application. Mango butter helps reduce fine lines, discoloration, and is loaded with Vitamins B, C, D, E & fatty acids that aid in cell regeneration.

Apply one coat onto the center of your lips and brush towards the outer corners
For extra shine and coverage, apply a second coat using the outer curved side of the applicator, and dab generously over lips if necessary.

This high-coverage liquid lipgloss provides a beautiful long-lasting color using a natural vegan formula. The creamy texture adds a silky lightweight stain specifically formulated for all-day comfort. Its formula is paraben-free, and uses added vitamin E to ensures your lips feel moisturized after use.

lipgloss wholesale

If you want a shiny brilliant look, take your gloss and brilliance to the next level with our liquid lip gloss. One swipe and your lips will look fuller with an illuminating shine. Our high impact, liquid lip gloss is formulated so you can have that effortless, brilliant gloss throughout the day or night. Add the shine and pigments you want with both shimmer and natural finish options. With a sheer tint, this liquid lip gloss’ shimmer will surely have you use it over and over again.

How to use: Apply directly to your lips. Start in the center of your lips and smooth outwards toward the corners of your mouth. Our products are all made with natural organic and vegan friendly ingredients. We take pride in giving beauty product results like no other. We put our best foot forward when creating our products ensuring that you will fall in love.

Our lipgloss is proud to be vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. A portion of all proceeds are donated to annually selected charities that work towards promoting animal welfare.

You’ll be ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way in this beautiful lip gloss.

An ultimate, gotta-have-it lip gloss with explosive shine that feels as good as it looks
Free of parabens and phthalates. This product is also cruelty-free
Leaves lips feeling moisturized and cushiony soft.

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