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L curl Y Eyelashes Soft Cilia W Egyptian Volume Korea High Quality Eyelash Extension Eyelashes Natural Premade Fan

About this item
【What is a Y lash?】Like the name implies, a lash extension splits into two and form a Y shape eyelash extension. Special YY shape makes extension look more graceful and fluffy.
【Better retention】:Compared to individual lashes, these Y shape premade fans provide a stronger bond and retention to lashes. Because they have a long stem which can increase the contact area with natural lashes.
【Save more time】It’s very easy to make fans, you can use yy lashes without any skills. Even if you are a beginner, you can use the yy lashes premade fans easily.
【GREAT MATERIAL】 Yelix YY Eyelash Extensions are handmade and use the highest quality synthetic fibers. It is extremely soft and light, super easy to pick up a single lash from the tray. They are available in both single length and multi lengths from 8-15mm in a pack.We promise no animal test on any of our products.
【CONTACT US】: When you have not received the goods or have any problems with the product. I hope you don’t evaluate or dispute directly. Please feel free to drop me a message. We will help you verify the problem. We will do our best to help you solve the problem. Give you a satisfactory treatment plan. I hope to have continued cooperation with you.

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