What brands use mink lashes?

We offer the highest quality Mink Eyelash Vendors lashes, all of our lashes are with 100% mink fur, and 100% handmade to exact Lash Vendors specifications Mink lash vendor. We have designed over two thousand types of fashion Wholesale Mink Lashes. Our factory aim is to manufacture the best quality products and offer the best private label OEM & ODM service. Custom lashes, Private label and private Lash Vendor packaging for your own business.

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Our Luxury mink fur strip eyelashes are Ultra luxurious,top-quality,lightweight and individually handcrafted 100% real animal fur Mink lash vendor created for goddesses-reusable up to 30 times. The lash band is supper thin and made out of cotton thread,which allows Eyelashes Vendors for easy application and flexibility. Meticulously handcrafted with 100% cruelty-free materials.

3D Silk Lashes vendors are lighter than typical eyelash extensions allowing them to flex and tapper to perfection. Ultra soft and made of raw silk synthetic fiber. We wholesale silk eyelashes worldwide. 3D Silk Eyelashes,transprent band,0.07 korea silk,It can be pretty scary choosing which eyelash extensions to go for when they are described in so many different ways and so many different words used to describe them Eyelash packaging wholesale .

mink lashes wholesale

3 multi-layered lashes fused into 1 style
Korean PBT synthetic hair, Tapered ends and fine synthetic fibers Eyelash Wholesale Vendors to blend naturally with your lashes
Always cruelty-free and handcrafted with love
top quality false eyelashes wholesale eyelash packaging can be used for many times at an affordable price
With years of R+D we created the most comfortable, durable, and flexible band eyelash vendor, Soft strong and anallergic cotton band made in Korean.
We have more than 1000 types mink lashes wholesale,we can also make the style as your demand. OEM and ODM orders are welcomed. Customer’s logo can be printed on the package.

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We offer the best quality magnetic mink lashes vendors in the industry, all of our magnetic mink eyelashes are with 100% mink fur, and 100% handmade to exact specifications. And we have over ten years of experience of OEM/ODM to supply you with custom Magnetic eyelash vendors, private label and private packaging for you. We are factory, can save the cost of intermediate, And most the styles of magnetic lashes have lot of ready stock.

The real mink fur used to create the luxurious wholesale lashes vendor is obtained by gently brushing live minks at free-range farms in Siberia, Russia during mink shedding seasons. No animals are hurt in the process.

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Siberian minks wholesale mink lashes are meticulously cared for and well fed in a free-range environment by their farmers. Because the finest quality fur comes from the finest care, farmers must adhere to the minks’ nutritional requirements lash wholesale vendors that vary during the growing and reproductive periods, as well as strict governmental and agricultural regulations to guarantee the highest standards of humane care.

All raw fur materials are imported from a Siberian region where the highest quality mink fur available on the global market comes from. The Siberian mink lashes are then assembled by hand in the 3d mink lash vendors manufacturing facility in Asia.

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