Why Lash Vendor OHMGLashes Provide CustomEyelash Packaging?

Lash vendor OHMGl Lashes provide free packaging for 16mm mink lashes wholesale, 20mm strip Eyelash vendors and 25mm lashes wholesale in bulk Wholesale lashes suppliers. There are 4 choices: baby pink lash packaging, marble lash boxes, gold custom eyelash packaging and holographic packaging. Eyelash vendors usa Mink lash vendors wholesale Mink lashes vendor 25mm lashes
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Come and Customize Your Own Lash vendors Books!
There are many kinds of eyelash books and lash kits Wholesale lashes suppliers. The most popular lash books in eyelash business is custom lash books that could hold two pairs of mink lashes, three pairs of lashes, and four pairs of false lashes. Eyelash vendors Wholesale eyelash vendors Lash vendors Wholesale mink lashes Mink eyelash vendors Mink lash vendors Mink Lashes Wholesale Eyelash vendors wholesale

custom eyelash books Wholesale Mink Lashes
Custom 4-pair Lash Book with a Mirror
Why Order Custom Lash Books?
Lashes, as daily necessities, are popular among women. If only sell lashes with single pacakging, it may a litlte boring. With personalised lash book packaging, it may satisfy customers’ interest for different mink lashes. And buying two pairs of eyelash books will sell two pairs of eyelashes Mink Lash Vendors at the same time, which will create greater profitsfor your lash business.

Mininum order Quantity
Below picture shows that box and lash books in stock. There are two kinds of lash book in stock. There are pink marble, silver gliiter, plain pink and holographic 5-pair lash books Custom Eyelash Packaging and blue glitter and hologaphic three-pair eyelash books. For these eyelash books, Missangel Lashes could ship them out in 2 days.

wholesale eyelash packaging Custom Eyelash Boxes
Eyelash Pacakging In Stock
But for other lash kits and eyelash packaing Wholesale Lash Vendors, not shown on above picture, the minimum order order is 50, and any color is okay, and could print your logo on it. And usually it takes 12-15 days to manufacture.

wholesale eyelash packaging
Three-pair Lash Books
How to Customize Your Own Lash Books
Decide what kind of lash books and Lashes Vendors kits you want to customize with your logo.
Decide the inside and outside wholesale mink lashes color of the lash packaging.
Could choose a mirror inside eyelash vendors and add ribbons if you want.
lash kits and eyelash packaging

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