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25mm lashes VS 20mm lashes VS 16mm lashes Wholesale lash vendors

Eyelash Vendor Strip Mink Lash Vendor OHMG Lashes wholesale mink eyelashes 16mm 3d mink lashes, 20mm strip lashes and 25mm mink Lash Vendors. Many of our customers are wondering what is the difference Wholesale lash vendors between these three different lashes vendors. Now, let us analyze the difference and uniqueness wholesale mink lashes of three different mink Eyelash Vendors.

  1. Length of wholesale mink lashes
    Wholesale bulk 25mm lashes is 24-26mm in length, 20mm wholesale eyelashes is 19-21 millimeters in length, and 16mm 3d lashes is 15-16mm in length.

25mm lashes VS 20mm lashes VS 16mm lashes
2. Price of wholesale mink eyelashes
Among the three length, 25mm wholesale mink Mink Lash Vendors are the most expensive, 20mm lashes is moderate and 16mm mink lashes wholesale is cheapest.

3. Eyelashes vendor are suitable for different occasions.
16mm lashes is very similar to beautiful girls’ Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA length, which would be very natural. Eyelash Vendors OHMG Lashes suggest that 16mm mink lashes could be applied in daily life. Differently like 16mm lashes, wholesale 25mm lashes is dramatic and fluffy, it is easily to be seen that you wear a pair of long big lashes. It is suitable to be worn in some important occasion, such as party, night club. If you want to highlight Mink Eyelash Vendors, but don’t want to exaggerate, then 20mm eyelashes are definitely the best choice.

wholesale mink lashes and packaging
Wholesale Eyelashes
4. Daily output is different wholesale mink eyelashes.
The longer the wholesale eyelashes Custom Eyelash Packaging in length, the longer it takes to make each pair of wholesale mink eyelashes, and the greater the labor cost, which is why 25mm mink eyelashes are the most expensive.

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