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OHMG Lash factory has been in the false mink lashes wholesale industry for over 20 years, and our Wholesale Mink Lashes are exported to over 30 different countries Wholesale lash vendors all ove the world. We have our own eyelash vendors, with rich experience in manufacturing all types of false lashes. And mink lashes are our main lash vendors products, and we are in the market of synthetic lashes, silk lashes wholesale, vegan hemp lashes wholesale mink eyelashes, and magnetic lashes.

We have one-stop lash supply chain Wholesale lash vendors, and you can get much more offorable eyelash vendors & competitive prices than the market standard. This allows to offer top-rated false lash vendors

to the all over the world.

And we can provide OEM & ODM service, including private label printing, free eyelash logo designing, lash stickers, for you to get customized & personalized eyelash packaging.

Our eyelash packaging are varied in materials, textures, surfaces wholesale mink lashes and etc, including paper eyelash packaging, magnetic eyelash packaging, drawer eyelash packaging, acrylic eyelash packaging, and many other well-designed & creative Custom Eyelash Packaging.

Not only false lashes, we also provide other eye makeup related products, such as adhesive eyeliners, tweezers, lash glues wholesale mink eyelashes, makeup brushes and etc. What’s more, we can source anything what you need.

Save time, money, and relax, we are doing everything to help your wholesale mink lashes lash business.

OHMG Lash company provides wholesale mink lashes
Affordable,reliable,and fast freight forwarding from China to any country in the world.
We have been in the lash market for over 20 years, with rich experience.
Different materials, lengths, curls, thicknesses of Mink Lash Vendors are provided.
We can print private label, eyelash logo for eyelash packaging customization.

We can print private label, eyelash logo for eyelash packaging customization.
Fast & safe shipping service to send your desired false eyelashes.
Fast & safe shipping service to send your desired false eyelashes.

2022 Lash Vendors Custom Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Mink Lashes 2020 Best Selling Private Label Eyelash Vendors Packaging

100 mink lashes, made of mink fur
100% handmade
The natural black cotton lash band

Comfortable to wear and remove
Wispy mink lashes Dramatic & fluffy makeup effect

Deep black color Custom lash packaging
Private label mink lashes Can be reused up to 25 times

mink lashes vendors are thick wispy mink lashes, with the combination of alternate lengths, the different lengths in the same pair of mink lashes, can give you a stunning 3D makeup look.

【Fluffy natural-look false eyelashes】 The thick wispy lashes with natural black color, the classic and simple color is easy for you to match your daily outfits and makeup, sufficient quantity is enough to use and replace in your styling process, the portable box is easy for you to carry and store

【Various sizes for you to choose】Here are various sizes of packaging you can choose for you to get wispy false lashes, including 1 pair of mink lashes in a pack, 2 pairs, and more.

【Soft and comfortable wearing experience】Our handmade soft fake wispy Wholesale Lash Vendors are made of quality mink hair, they are smooth and delicate, non-toxic, safe to your skin, the lightweight design will not add any burden under your eye, provide you a cozy wearing experience

【Reusable to use】This fluffy natural-look false eyelashes feature a durable and reusable design, which can be reused more than 25 times with proper care, serve you for a long time; After use, please use a wet towel to clean the glue and cosmetic residue on the Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

【Convenient operations】The false eyelashes are fluffy, comfortable to wear, and easy to apply or remove, they are easy to bend, flexible, can curl fake eyelashes and adjust the band to meet the curvature of your eyes, convenient to give your eyelashes a natural look

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