How much should I sell my 3D mink lashes for?

OHMG Lashes vendor  is a global fashion Eyelash Vendors and lifestyle e-tailer committed to making the beauty of fashion Lash Vendors accessible to everyone. We use on-demand Wholesale Mink Lashes manufacturing technology to connect suppliers Lash Vendor to our integrated supply chain Mink lashes vendors Mink lashes vendors, enabling us to reduce inventory waste and deliver quality products at affordable prices to customers around the world.

Mink lashes vendors
Mink lashes vendors
Vendors for lashes

For those who want smoldering Mink Lash Vendors , alluring eyes. Creating a more natural effect, this lash opens up your eyes, giving them instant radiance and having you ready to go in an instant. Perfect every-day choice!

If seduction is on your mind, and Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA head-over-heels love is your ultimate goal, the obvious choice is the Natural Kit. Ready to be the subject of total adoration? Opens Mink Eyelash Vendors eyes with medium volume and shape. Feathery ends create a soft but glamorous look. Put your Medium Lashes on and flutter your lush, lengthy Custom Eyelash Packaging lashes to make hearts go boom. Dramatic Lashes provides serious drama and length. Designed to turn heads and get red carpet ready in seconds. Not for the faint hearted, these lashes are for those who command attention.

Eyelash vendors wholesale
Eyelash vendors wholesale

How do I remove & clean my lashes?

Simply pull the false eyelash off and away from Mink Lashes Vendor the eyelid. There will be no pulling of your natural eyelashes, but your eyelashes will be removed 🙂
If you notice clumps from the eyeliner or mascara Lashes Vendors on the magnets, gently scratch it off with your nail on each of the magnets. To clean the liner off your eyelid use waterproof makeup remover, micellar water, or Wholesale Lash Vendors coconut oil.

Custom lash packaging

What’s in the eyeliner, is it safe & is it cruelty free?

The EyeLashes Eyeliner Best 3d Mink Lash Vendors ingredients are all commonly found in makeup and skincare products & are cruelty free. The added ingredient that makes Eyelash Packaging the eyeliner work is iron oxide. See below for the breakdown and the safety level of all ingredients as cited in EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Custom Lash Boxes Database.
However, for the health and safety of our customers Mink eyelash vendors USA, we do not recommend any eye products to anyone with pre-existing eye conditions.*We strongly suggest that you try our products on a small patch of skin Custom eyelash packaging USA (other than the intended location), to test for any allergic reactions first. We also urge everyone to review our product ingredients first to avoid sensitivities.

What is the life expectancy of the eyeliner & the eyelashes?

If you care for the eyelashes properly, they can Lashes Vendor last over 35+ times. Make sure you clean the magnets on the lash after every use and to magnetize it back into lash tray! Avoid water contact with the lashes as they will lose their curl and shape. The Wholesale eyelash vendors lifespan of the eyeliner is 6 months after opening.

Lash wholesale vendors
Lash wholesale vendors

Can I wear mascara with my magnetic lashes?
Yes, we recommend you apply Lash vendors USA mascara then curl with our eyelash curler before applying Magnetic lashes so your natural eyelashes are more blended in with the lashes! We don’t recommend putting mascara directly on the mink lashes as it will distort the shape and form of Eyelash vendors wholesale the lash and shorten the lifespan of the lash.

The liner ingredients/ is it safe?

Yes, all our products have Mink eyelash wholesale distributor USA been tested for safety. Our eyeliner has the same types of ingredients you might see in other liners or mascara. What makes our liner magnetic is our iron oxide ingredient. There are no heavy metals or Mink lash vendor paragons in our formula. Iron oxide is a cosmetic ingredient commonly used for pigment and is rated as non-toxic according to EWG’s skin deep profile. Of course, as with any eye cosmetic products, if you have any pre-existing eye conditions, consult your doctor. For a break down of all our ingredients, please Custom lash packaging visit our FAQ ingredients section.

Eyelash vendors
Eyelash vendors

What are the lashes & your brush made of?

Our magnetic lashes are mink or faux mink lash Custom eyelash packaging box style which is made from high quality synthetic fibers. Our brush is made from plastic fiber.

How can I make sure that Magnetic lashes fit my eye shape?

We offer an array of lash styles with varying Vendors for lashes thickness and length. There are 5 small magnets on each of them capable of being cut down to fit any eye shape and size. Make sure no raw edges are at the edge of the lash after cutting.

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