Why do they call them Russian lashes?

OHMG Lashes factory lashes vendor was Founded in 2008. We are Eyelash Vendors proud to be a woman, minority and sister owned business. The Idea Lash Vendors of eclipse glow beauty was born in Santa Ana California. We felt there was a lack of innovative and cost-effective Wholesale Mink Lashes products missing Lashes Vendors in the Beauty industry, because luxury Lash Vendor doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to be able to afford something beautiful and high quality.

OHMG Lashes vendor focuses In luxury strip eyelashes and tools, we started with a wide variety of various styles to keep in mind every person whether they like dramatic or subtle eyelash styles.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box
Lashes Vendors
Lashes Vendors

We aim to bring quality, Mink Lash Vendors functionality, and innovation to all our products. We believe that both women and men should be empowered to seek Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA beauty in everything in life and should be Mink Eyelash Vendors represented equally to showcase their skills and talent in the beauty industry. Our slogan “Seek beauty in unexpected places” means to us that we can always find beauty in the most unexpected differences Custom Eyelash Packaging between us, because accepting each other’s differences makes us equally beautiful.

Custom Lash Cases

Our hand made 3D mink eyelash Wholesale Lash Vendors collection is made with premium Siberian mink. Eclipse 3D eyelashes take any look to the next level with our full, wispy Eyelash Packaging and fluttery selection of incredible lashes. You’ll instantly fall in love with the ultra lightweight and durable cotton band, making wear Mink eyelash vendors USA comfortable and easier on the eyes. Each pair is designed to give you high volume and light weight. Made with a durable Wholesale eyelash vendors cotton band so you can get multiple uses out of each pair with the proper care and maintenance.

Custom Eyelash boxes

*Due to the handmade nature Eyelash vendors wholesale of the product, minor variances can be seen from lash to lash

Premium Quality Mink Custom Lash Packaging
up to 25 wears with proper care
Ultra lightweight
Durable cotton band
Multiple uses / reusable

Custom Lash Packaging

Our synthetic Vegan eyelash Custom eyelash packaging box collection is handmade so each pair is perfect. The lightweight clear band on these eyelashes make application simple Eyelashes vendors and hassle-free. They are easy to clean and reuse, so you get multiple uses from Eyelash wholesale vendors one pair with adequate care.

Lash Packaging Vendor

Hello Beautiful, excited Eyelash box vendors to share some of our products and accessories with you guys. We love being creative and starting new trends. We love wholesale eyelash packaging providing both accessories and eyelash vendor products for our clients and customers. Our goal is to provide the daily must haves, that women use on the daily basis, to mink lashes vendors add the finishing beauty touch.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors

Wishing you everything cheap custom eyelash boxes good that life has to offer! The style Blessings is welcomed for every occasion and looks great on all eye shapes. It’s custom eyelash box packaging not a true flare or true round shape but more of a natural style to mimic your real lashes with an added boost of volume. Accept the lash packaging vendor goodness and bountiful blessings around you while wearing this lash!

Mink lashes vendors
Mink lashes vendors

Our Secret Collection is our most mink lashes wholesale eco-conscious collection to date! Learn about our sustainability efforts here, and what we are doing to take care of our environment.

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