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Based in China, OHMG Lash provides Eyelash Vendors premium quality Siberian mink lashes. They are handcrafted Lash Vendors and designed to achieve your desired look and change your lash experience. Our line of luxurious lashes 25mm mink lashes are truly the highest quality Wholesale Mink Lashes and we only use cruelty-free mink fur. Every girl wants the Lash Vendor best beauty products on the market and we’re here to finally bring that to you!

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From day to night, a pair of OHMG Lash will Mink Lash Vendors complete your look and most importantly, make you feel Custom Eyelash Packaging fabulous! Beauty comes from the inside out and we are sure that these lashes will give you that extra ‘oomph’ of Mink Lashes Vendor confidence. OHMG Lash is designed for Lashes Vendors sophisticated, classy women who represent the definition of elegance.

lash packaging wholesale

The best lashes should not Wholesale Lash Vendors only look good but feel good as well. With a comfortable, light-weight cotton band, these lashes Custom Lash Boxes will even last you up to 25 wears! OHMG Lash is proud to Lashes Vendor present to you our custom line of mink fur lashes that are long-lasting, light-weight, comfortable, and fabulous!

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They say the best things Eyelash vendors wholesale in life are free, and that’s what you get with OHMG Lash cruelty – free glam lashes. Enjoy definition and length Custom Lash Packaging to the umpteenth degree! All our lashes feature a thin, durable, and flexible band for an easy application and ultra comfortable fit.

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Take your look to another Eyelash box vendors level with our mink false lashes. These vegan, cruelty free mink lashes are designed to last and can be reused over mink lashes vendors and over and over again! You’ll love the way your wholesale lashes vendor eyes look in our lightweight, flexible and beginner- friendly mink strips. Now take her from your screen to your eyes, and add to your cart!

Custom Eyelash boxes

Fluffy and cat eye lash packaging vendor lashes that would look amazing on almond shaped eyes! Pair this with our waterproof brush on adhesive or eyeliner mink lash vendors usa adhesive, and they will not budge all day!

wholesale mink lashes vendors

Check Fit: Align band with mink lashes wholesale natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary.

Apply Adhesive: Apply a thin line of 3d mink lashes vendor adhesive along band. Wait 30 seconds to set. Our wholesale lashes and packaging Adhesive is fluorescent when it comes out of bottle as it gets tacky the fluorescents disappears.

25mm lashes strip
25mm lashes strip

Apply Lashes: Secure lash band by lash vendors wholesale pressing onto lash line. Look down into a mirror, so you can 3d mink lashes wholesale vendors see the placement. And start in the middle so you can adjust it to the left or right, if need be. Go over it with our Mini L Lash Curler if you see any gaps between your natural lashes lash packaging wholesale and the falsies, if you need to.

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