Why the price of eyelashes varies greatly?

Be Careful of Lash Sample Order Trick When Placing a Sample Order! Normally, you will place sample order of 16mm mink strip lashes, first to test the style eyelash vendors and quality wholesale mink eyelashes , and lashes vendor what should you do when you get your 3d mink strip lashes wholesale mink lashes orders Lashes Vendors?

In this post , we will share the skills for Lashes Vendors you to help you how to distinguish quality lashes and bad Mink lashes vendor. Is it wise to place the mink lash order in bulk after confirming the sample?

25mm mink lashes wholesale. In this internet era, trust is the foundation. But building the trust takes a process.

You should be more careful in case of avoiding falling into the sample trap. Many of my customer said to OHMG Lashes that they have placed sample order from other eyelash vendors,they are satisfied with sample lashes but when order in bulk, lashes quality is different from first sample order.
Custom eyelash packaging usa. So we advice you be careful to make the bulk order from wholesale eyelash vendors, and if you have no idea about how to make the bulk order , you can ask our salesman to get help

And the best way is that you come to China , and find your lash vendors and come to the lash factory, and help you produce your unique style, then you will occupy your local market with you unique 25mm lashes, or other mink lashes wholesale style.
And there are also many skills tip in the negotiation progress ,and welcome follow our website , and leave a message to us, we will answer all you want to know about the lashes and custom packaging box.



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