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OHMG Lashes caters to a wide variety of clientele offering 100% Mink Eyelash Vendors and Faux Mink Lashes that are double and Lash Vendors triple layered. Our lashes are 100% Hand Crafted and exude a luxurious, glamorous, and alluring look. At OHMG Lashes, we Wholesale Mink Lashes believe that, “Every woman is a masterpiece in her own right “. That is why we offer an exclusive assortment to enhance your natural beauty and Lash Vendor cater to the goddess in you.

We guarantee satisfaction Lashes Vendor with the quality of our lashes. You can confidently and conveniently shop day or night with full confidence in our Eyelashes Vendors customer service, easy payment options, and Mink Lash Vendors fast shipping

Wholesale mink lashes vendors
Wholesale mink lashes vendor

With options galore, finding Mink Eyelash Vendors the right lashes for you can be an abundant task. We are here at OHMG Lashes have made it easier for with our shop Lashes Vendors by eye shape guide. Locate your eye shape and shop with confidence.

wholesale lashes and packaging

Criss-crossed layers with a flare! Perfect for Wholesale Lash Vendors that cat-eye effect. Ultra light-weight and comfortable, you’ll Eyelash Packaging totally forget you’re even wearing falsies! Reusable with proper love and care (suggested use 10-15+ wears). Includes a round travel-friendly hard case with snap closure. Each lash is carefully handcrafted Mink eyelash vendors USA and may slightly differ from the photos.
Band: Cotton
Color: Natural Black
Length: 6-17 mm
Type: 100% Premium Faux Mink

3d mink eyelash vendors

Looking to start your lash business but dont know where to start?

I spent money on lashes that ripped apart and Lash Vendors didn’t last because I didn’t find a trusted vendor with quality product.

After sifting and sorting I put Custom eyelash packaging USA together a list of all my favorite and quality lash vendors I use and love.

By making this purchase you are Lashes Vendors choosing TOP quality and experienced lash vendors.

A comfortable line of faux lashes made Custom Lash Packaging with cruelty-free and vegan materials! Handmade to be worn up to 10x. 🙂

Eyelash vendor
Eyelash vendor

– Gently remove them from the Custom eyelash packaging box lash tray starting from the outer corner. (If you need a little assistance try bending the tray to help the lash lift off. )
– Measure the lash to Vendors for lashes your eye by setting it on your eyelid without adhesive to make sure it is a good fit. (No extra lash should be hanging Eyelash packaging wholesale off the end of your eye.)
– Once you have a good fit apply adhesive to the lash band and wait 15-30 seconds to allow the glue to get tacky and apply to your eye Lash Wholesale Vendors using your fingers, tweezers or our lash applicator.

customize lash boxescustomize lash boxes

25 mm 3D Mink Lashes
Get ahold of our limited lash box vendors edition 25 MM hand made lashes!
Add the perfect amount of length, volume, and fullness.
Our lashes are ideal for lash packaging vendor all types of occasions from parties, weddings, prom, or just an evening out!
Comfortable, 100% handcrafted false mink lashes. These lash vendors wholesale luxurious lashes are double and triple layered.
Hair: 3D Mink
Style: October
Color: Natural Color
Strip Lash eyelashes vendor
Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)
Lash Dimensions: 25mm

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