How to buy Silk eyelashes?

How to buy Silk eyelashes? 3D Silk Eyelashes Lash Vendors Wholesale are very popular nowadays and are almost every woman’s favorite beauty accessory. Although there are three main types of them, silk lashes, synthetic fiber lashes and Silk Eyelashes, Silk strip lashes is becoming more and more popular. They give you a very natural look, are comfortable to wear and make your eyes look more beautiful wholesale silk lashes. However, before you buy Silk eyelashes wholesale, let me give you some advice on how to use or clean Silk eyelashes. If you want your wholesale silk eyelashes to last for a long time, you must follow these suggestions silk lashes.

lash vendors Silk Lashes
lash vendors Silk Lashes

Silk eyelash tweezers
Lash Vendors Wholesale
Silk eyelash tweezers with private label logo

How to use Silk eyelashes
First, you need to apply a layer of mascara and eyeliner on your natural lash line. Now, with the help of Silk eyelash tweezers or eyelash applicator, carefully remove the silk eyelashes from the tray. Make sure not to pull or pull the hair. Measure these eyelashes up to your eyes so that they fit the length of your eyelash line. Now trim as many eyelashes as possible to make them a little shorter than your natural eye length. Make sure not to trim from the inner corners, but from the outside.

Russian Lashes Silk Lashes
Russian Lashes Silk Lashes

wholesale Silk lashes vendors
wholesale Silk lashes vendors
Silk lash vendors wholesale 25mm lashes

Use eyelash glue
Clamp the eyelashes on the head of the Silk eyelash tweezers or eyelash applicator and gently squeeze them. Take some glue and apply a thin layer on the lash band. Let it dry for about 30 seconds or until you find the glue becomes sticky.

Apply eyelashes and hold
Tilt your chin slightly upward and apply these 25mm Silk lashes above the natural lash line. Hold it for a while, about a few seconds, to let the glue dry, and then loosen the eyelashes from the handle of the applicator. You may need to gently press the eyelashes on the lash line to make the hair blend well.
If you notice any improvement, just add a little glue and press the eyelashes on the lash line again. After the glue is dry, you can apply the lining again and the appearance is complete.

Russian Lashes Silk Lashes
Russian Lashes Silk Lashes

best 3d Silk lash vendors
best 3d Silk lash vendors

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