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CUSTOM EYELASH PACKAGING, Lash Vendor Wholesale Mink Lashes Eyelash Vendor And Packaging, Custom Eyelash Packaging usa Custom Eyelash Boxes Eyelash Packaging Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Hello Lash Vendors, I am very glad eyelash vendors that you come to OHMG Lashes’ Custom Eyelash Packaging Classification Section.

OHMG Lashes Lash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes And Custom Eyelash Packaging located in

Qingdao China, we are the largest Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Factory to USA, and the most professional Custom Eyelash Packaging USA manufacturer.

We customize a variety of styles, sizes, colors, finishes, etc. according to the needs of customers. Simply send a request send WhatsApp professional team to get the Customize Your Own Eyelash Box solution. How can I make my own brand eyelashes?

There are Five Parts in Custom Eyelash Boxes
1. Brand name & LOGO,
2. Pattern & theme color,
3.Brand slogan,
4.Contact information & social media information
5. Eyelash Packaging

Description eyelash packaging:

1. All the lash boxes below catalog could be customized. Affordable eyelash packaging supplier Mia Lashes could print your own logo in the boxes. The minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 20 to print logo.
2. If dont print logo, any quantity is okay, we could sell 1 lash box only.
3. All the Eyelash Packaging in the catalogs are fixed in shape, color. What we can customize is only print your own logo and brand name.
4. The manufacture time is 1-2 days. Shipping time is 4-5 days.
5. If the custom eyelash packaging you look for not shown in the catalogs. We could Customize for you seperately eyelash packaging with your private logo. Just the MOQ(minimum order quantity) is 60. And the manufacture time is 9-12 days.

Customize Your Own Eyelash Packaging Boxes with MOQ of 20

Butterflies Lash Cases


Custom Eyelash Boxes Custom Eyelash Packaging

custom lash packaging
custom lash packaging

Custom Eyelash Boxes Custom Eyelash Boxes

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