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Our brand here at OHMG Lashes our mission Eyelash Vendors is to provide high quality cosmetic items at a reasonable price. OHMG Lashes will bring plenty of colors, a fun and fresh look to Lash Vendors the makeup community. Available Wholesale Mink Lashes only in the East Coast as of now, however we provide fast shipping across wholesale mink eyelashes the US as we are working to expand Lash Vendor our territory. Our 3 faux mink lashes CoCo, Diamond, & Princess are cruelty free and vegan. These mink lashes wholesale lash vendors are reusable up to 15 times with proper care and gentle Eyelash Vendor handling.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

Who’s in charge? OHMG Lashes are the two Lash Vendor visionaries behind OHMG Lashes. We are two young ambitious Eyelash Vendor women, who have been working diligently on OHMG Lashes since 2015. After taking multiple breaks, enduring plenty of hardships Lashes Vendor and even feeling like giving up, we both decided that wasn’t an option. OHMG Lashes has a purpose and we are excited to present our cosmetic line to Eyelashes Vendors the world. ENJOY!

Custom Eyelash Packaging

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that Mink Lash Vendors comes from focusing on what excites you.” – OHMG Lashes
Our lash style is perfect for the ultimate Mink Eyelash Vendors bold glam. If you’ve been searching for the perfect Instagram worthy lash style this lash is it! Lashes are long, flirty, and beautiful, these lashes are for the confident queens! Can be worn Custom Eyelash Packaging multiple times.

Wholesale mink lashes and packaging

Are you looking to expand your business Custom Eyelash Boxes in a whole new creative way?
Let us guide you, In our “How To Start Your Own Beauty, Lash and Hair Vending Mink Lashes Vendor machine Under 5k” E-book, we will be covering OHMG Lashes you will need to know to get this journey started. From choosing the Lashes Vendors right machine, securing a location, the fees you’ll need to pay this E-book will cover it all, while giving everyone an inside of our Wholesale Lash Vendors journey with this new business as well.

Mink lashes wholesale
Mink lashes wholesale

Our OHMG Lashes Glue is gently Eyelash Packaging formulated with two ingredients – water being one of them. Our lash adhesive contains no harsh chemicals and is 100% vegan Custom Lash Boxes and latex free making it a great option for sensitive skin/eyes. This ultra sticky glue has a strong hold and comfortable wear. Shop our trusted lash glue found in Lash Vendors Essential Lash Tools.

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Delicately crafted with the finest Custom eyelash packaging USA mink hairs, this collection is all you could dream of. The collection features five alluring styles that are nothing short Lashes Vendors of elegant, darling, & hypnotizing. These Wholesale Eyelash Vendors lashes are cloud-lite made with a soft and flexible cotton band to seamlessly fit the shape of your eyes. Bare or Lash vendors USA dressed up, no matter how you decide to wear each style, prepare to effortlessly enhance your gaze. We present to you a classic selection carefully curated to Eyelash Vendors Wholesale symbolize, “Beauty That Is Timeless”.

Mink eyelash vendors USA

All lashes are handcrafted and may vary Mink Lash Vendor slightly in appearance from pictures. OHMG Lashes are the perfect Custom Lash Packaging date night lash. This lash style is fluffy, wispy, and romantic. Handcrafted strip lashes made from exceptional Lash vendors mink hairs that have been naturally shed. These Eyelashes vendors 3D mink lashes feature a soft and flexible cotton band made to seamlessly fit the shape of your eyes.

Mink lash vendors wholesale
Mink lash vendors wholesale

Our mink lashes are cruelty Eyelash box vendors free and long lasting. The mink fur used is high quality and selected from the hairs that have naturally shed from the mink. With proper Eyelash packaging wholesale care, our mink lashes are reusable up to 25-30 times. Extended use can be accomplished by handling the lashes gently and Wholesale Mink Lashes Lash Vendor storing safely.
OHMG Lashes gives the eyes a doll like finish. Wear this vegan lash to amp up your full face makeup or wear her on her own to give your Eyelash Vendor eyes a twinkle.

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