How to apply eyelash without lash tweezers?

OHMG Lash was founded Eyelash Vendors with the mind set of lash artist and Lash Lovers. We understand the importance and investment in finding the perfect lash and Lash Vendors lash needs to compliment your beauty, at a Wholesale Mink Lashes reasonable price. We are whole heartedly committed to this amazing beauty enhancement. So much that we have taking the Lash Vendor time to test and research products Eyelash Vendor all over the world, with the desire to satisfy all your lash needs with our quality products. We know your value, and you deserve a hassle Lashes Vendor free lash life, along with exceptional customer service and girl gang motivation.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

Our love and passion for OHMG Lash has Eyelashes Vendors lead us to provide our clients with a variety of lash products and Mink Lash Vendors motivation to keep your Lashes flawless and your Boss Mentality fearless.

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As an Inspirational Lash Company, our OHMG Lash pledge Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA and commitment Mink Eyelash Vendors to our Lash Babes is to bring you, the most trending handmade Mink and Faux Mink lash styles, high quality lash products, important Custom Eyelash Packaging lash care information, essential business tips and much more.

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At OHMG Lash we understand it’s Custom Eyelash Boxes essential that “You” and your lash game Slays all day, and every day. We welcome you to take a look around doll and excited to inspire Mink Lashes Vendor  you. You are worth it, and we look forward to making sure your experience & satisfaction with OHMG Lash helps enhance your Lashes Vendors beautiful lash life.

Eyelash vendors
Eyelash vendors

OHMG Lash lashes are high quality beautiful Wholesale Lash Vendors handmade mink and faux mink lashes with Eyelash Packaging ultra soft cotton bands. Our Mink lashes are made with the best premium quality of Siberian mink, along with supreme quality vegan faux Custom Lash Boxes minks Mink Lash strips are a quick & amazingly beautiful eye enhancement that is taking over the beauty world. To get the best results & longer life out of your Lash Vendors falsies you MUST take proper care of these beauties and were here to show you just how to maintain your a longer lash life out of Lashes Vendors these beauties.

Mink lashes wholesale
Mink lashes wholesale

Secure the lash band your Wholesale Eyelash Vendors thumb & index finger. To remove lash glue, start from the area you are securing with your thumb and index finger. Pull a Lash vendors USA small corner of the glue Custom Lash Packaging backwards (not upward) in sections. A backward effect is to insure your dont damage your lash bands.The glue should easily Mink Lash Vendor peel off. Depending on thickness of your glue application, you may have Lash vendors to remove additional adhesive in area where the glue is noticeable.

Lash wholesale vendors
Lash wholesale vendors

Always lightly wash with Lash Foam Eyelashes vendors Cleanser and lash brush to restore your natural texture of lashes. apply a small amount of lash foam cleanser to your lash eyelash vendor brush. Use flowered brush for Wispy lashes, and flat Lash brush non eyelash vendor wispy and/or faux minks. Use a circular motion to create foam lather then mink lashes vendors lightly rinse with brush & water. Try to avoid overly applying lash foam cleanser. A small amount goes a long way. Dab with a link free eyelash vendors cloth or air dry. Place your beautiful lashes back in your moisture-free acrylic case.

Mink lash vendors
Mink lash vendors

Our OHMG Lash air tight Lash Vendor moisture-free comes with All 3D Mink Lashes.
Lash Cases are available at checkout for Faux Mink Eyelash Vendor styles selection
We don’t recommend, you applying water directly to your 100% Mink Lashes.
” Remember they are real Lash Vendor mink and you don’t want to compromise the softness and beautiful texture of lashes”.

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