Fraid to say you’re a strip lash virgin? Don’t Eyelash Vendors worry, everyone has to start somewhere – and for your first time, OHMG Lashes are the best. Not only are they super Lash Vendors stunning, they’re super easy to Lash Vendor apply too. Just three steps are required. This is by no means essential. But to get the best results, we recommend that you start by Eyelash Vendor curling your natural lashes and applying a thin layer of your favourite Wholesale Mink Lashes mascara.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Next, apply a thin line of our Lashes Vendor revolutionary Dream Liner Adhesive Eyeliner, just above your lash line. This comes in two colours – black and clear – allowing Eyelashes Vendors you to create a range of different looks. And it doubles Mink Lash Vendors up as extra-tacky glue that will hold the strip eyelashes securely in place.

Mink Lashes Vendor

OHMG Lashes Tip: If you think Mink Eyelash Vendors your falsies look a little too… false, try the spoolie trick. Before applying them, simply take a clean spoolie and gently Custom Eyelash Packaging rub it back and forth over the lashes. It fluffs them Lashes Vendors up a bit and makes them look more natural.

25mm mink strip lashes
25mm mink strip lashes

Position the strip along your lash line Lashes Vendors using the OHMG Lashes tweezers. These have aligned tips that make the Mink Lash Vendor process a bit easier – even for a false lash beginner! You can trim the ends of the lashes if necessary. Then, squeeze the strip lashes and Lash vendors your natural lashes together – starting in the middle Eyelashes vendors and moving out to each end until they’re nice and secure.

eyelash vendors usa
eyelash vendors usa

That’s it. Done. Don’t get us eyelash vendor wrong, it can take a little practice to get it 100% right. But all of our styles are designed with easy application in mind. And with the right eyelash vendors eyelash tools and accessories from our wholesale lashes vendor collection, you can make sure they’re fluffed up and curled to perfection.

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Lashes is the original Russian 3d mink lash vendors Strip Lash, that you’ve seen everyone wearing. Get the fresh set of lash extensions look, without the damage to your Lash Vendor natural lashes or the price tag! Baddies got you covered! All Eyelash Vendor whilst being fully vegan and cruelty-free. Drip is a stunning, extra fluffy bold lash that will elevate any look, from a winged liner to a glam eye makeup look!

Lash Vendors
Lash Vendors

The fluff is real with Insanity! With an Lash Vendors even length throughout the lash band and amazing volume, Insanity will take your glam to another level! Get the perfect selfie Eyelash Vendors with our Insta-ready Trippin! The extra Lash Vendor wispy fibres with perfectly layered edges create the PERFECT fluffy lash to suit any eye shape.

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