Are minks hurt for eyelashes?

OHMG Lashes are created to Eyelash Vendors inspired to share our creativity to the world of Beauty. We are dedicated to bring the best in beauty with our different Lash Vendors type of eyelashes from natural to glamous to Wholesale Mink Lashes make you feel more beautiful. Our Lashes are super easy to put on and the best of all 100% cruelty free and light Lash Vendor wright. We cannot wait to see which Eyelash Vendor style you choose from our collections.

OHMG Lashes are offering Lashes Vendor Luxury Lashes and Cosmetics at a very affordable price. We try to provide the best quality. Also, We want to help you Eyelashes Vendors achieve any look you desire, Make Mink Lash Vendors you feel beautiful inside and out.

This packaging is unique Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA and the lashes are amazing! This bundle comes in Mink Eyelash Vendors a gorgeous pink pill container that has 2 stunning pairs of lashes in the styles.
• Extra is beautiful it has volume Custom Eyelash Packaging and the lashes are light weight.
• Hot Girl is a lovely natural lash style with volume also.

25mm lash is a beautiful lash Custom Eyelash Boxes style it’s full, with volume and very wispy. Gives an Mink Lashes Vendor eyelash extension look! Perfect for an everyday look or a night to slay! The perfect lash volume! Very light weight. Can be worn over Lashes Vendors 20+ times with the proper care. This Wholesale Lash Vendors packaging is everything its so gorgeous! Comes with a mini mirror attached and a free lash brush.

a stunning 5D mink Eyelash Packaging full glam eyelash style. So if you love a glam/dramatic style this is for you! Its gorgeous and so full, Light weight. Can be Lash Vendors reusable up to 20+ times with proper care.

Do you Love Long ultra Lashes Vendors dramatic lashes this Style will make you feel like a goddess this is for you.Full & fluffy adds glam and gives you a Wholesale Eyelash Vendors super dramatic look .

3D eyelashes are a beautiful lash style it’s full and  Mink Lash Vendor very wispy. Gives an eyelash extension look! Perfect Lash vendor for an everyday look or a night to slay! The perfect lash volume! Very light weight. Can be worn over 20+ times with the proper care. This packaging is everything its so gorgeous! Comes with a mini mirror Eyelashes vendors attached and a free lash brush.

One pair of Eyelashes
Lightweight and Comfortable
100% Vegan and Eyelash packaging wholesale cruelty-free
Trimmable ends to fit to eye shape size if needed
With proper care your Muna Effect eyelashes Beauty are reusable up to 15 times
Don’t forget to Complete your look with our lash vendor adhesive Latex-free!

OHMG Lashes are high eyelash vendor quality beautiful handmade mink and faux mink lashes with ultra soft cotton bands. Our Mink lashes are made with eyelash vendors the best premium quality of Siberian mink, along with supreme quality vegan faux minks Mink Lash strips are a quick & amazingly beautiful wholesale lashes vendor eye enhancement that is taking over the beauty world. To get the best results & longer life out of your falsies you MUST take proper care of these beauties and were here to show you just how to maintain Lash Vendor your a longer lash life out of these beauties.

Our fierce 5D Savage Mink Lash Eyelash Vendor Collection is skillfully handmade from the finest Siberian Mink. Five different layers of flawlessly blended lengths, thickness Lashes Vendor and shapes to give a beautiful lightweight, wispy look. The ultra soft cotton band is perfect for flexibility and precise Lash Vendor placement. These beauties will give you a soft yet full volume look, in a variety of lengths and styles. OHMG Lash has some of our longer Eyelash Vendor 22mm styles, giving you all the drama you need in your beautiful lash.

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