OHMG Lash is made Eyelash Vendors for those who want to be effortlessly glamorous. All of our cosmetics will enhance your natural beauty. Made from Lash Vendors high-quality, vegan-friendly synthetic Wholesale Mink Lashes mellow fibers that mimic the texture of mink lashes, our lashes come in a special lash box for safe Lash Vendor keeping.

For length Eyelash Vendor with fluttery, feather-like wisps, go for our ? Sentimental Magnetic Lashes. These lashes are multi-layered for lush Lashes Vendor fullness at every angle and outfitted with 5 secure, yet tiny magnets Eyelashes Vendors that keep your lashes locked in place all day, all night.

Premium Quality | Sultry, Glam Effect Mink Lash Vendors
Handcrafted, made of silk
Multi-layered design for Mink Eyelash Vendors weightless length and volume
Featherlight for a fluffy, 3D effect
Comes in a reusable Custom Eyelash Packaging plastic case for on-the-go

Makartt strives to provide Mink Lashes Vendor our customers with beauty products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty by listening to, working Lashes Vendors with, and learning from our creative customers.

Featuring 5 plush layers Wholesale Lash Vendors of silk lash hairs perfectly stacked on top of each other and attached to a flexible, thin band for easy application Eyelash Packaging and comfortable wear, you can’t go wrong with OHMG Lashes.

When OHMG Lash Extension Lash Vendors Gel technologies were mainly only available in professional salons, we spent months researching Lashes Vendors and developing a way to bring this brand new Lash Vendor technology to everyone. In 2016, we launched our own line of Poly Gel kits and became a pioneer in nail art and beauty technology and products. However, we are, but, enablers of true creativity and beauty, the Eyelash Vendor real artists are our customers.

Here at OHMG Lash,  we take Lashes Vendor our greatest inspirations from you, our creative customers, amazing designs, colors, and techniques are Eyelash Vendor being innovated everyday, everywhere. OHMG Lash is Lash Vendor confident that we can provide exactly what you are looking for, because you told us.

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