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We are 5D Mink lashes wholesale vendor 25mm mink Eyelash Vendors eyelashes vendor with custom lash packages Lash Vendors professional 25mm eyelashes vendors manufacturer for more than 12 years in China.
We offer more than 1,000 styles of 5D mink eyelashes Wholesale Mink Lashes for customers’ choice, such us Lash Vendor 5D mink eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging, Find Quality custom eyelash packaging and Buy custom eyelash packaging from Eyelash Vendor Reliable Global custom lash packages vendor from China.

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We pursue on high Lashes Vendor quality of 25 mink lashes, competitive price and good service for all our customers, and have won good reputation Eyelashes Vendors with credibility and integrity in this industry.

OHMG Lahes supplies 25mm mink lash vendor wholesale eyelash package box with own brand CO. The most important relationship you can have, is the one you have with yourself. Making the high quality wholesale 25mm mink eyelashes Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA.

Mink eyelash vendors USA

1.The materials: The fur is collected Mink Eyelash Vendors when farmed mink fall their hairs every year. Our cooperative farms assure 50,000 young minks every year,to supply us glossy,vital and enough fur materials.
2.To put order the hairs as the lashes Custom Eyelash Packaging plate.And then the lashes shape is coming.
3.To make the mink eyelashes thread,and seal Mink Lashes Vendor the two cotton threads together,that is to make the lash band.We use very thin two cotton threads,so our 5D mink eye lashes band is soft and light, but strong
4.To cut the hairs Lashes Vendors useless
5.To put the eyelashes on the tubes,and then make the curl for the eyelashes.
6.To make the 5D effects Wholesale Lash Vendors

Custom eyelash packaging USA

We have professional 5D mink eyelash designer to design Eyelash Packaging specical lashes for you, Custom lash packaging with your 25mm 5D mink eyelashes. Many clients like wholesale 25mm mink eyelashes , we have Custom Lash Boxes hundreds of different 25mm 5D mink lash styles for you to choose. wholesale 25mm 5D mink eyelashes can make your Lash Vendors eyes looks much bigger and dramatic.

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Professional vendor with Lash Vendor mink eyelashes custom eyelash packaging silk lashes lash packages and magnetic eyelashes boxes in the market. We also can Eyelash Vendor wholesale customize eyelash packaging box vendor wholesale custom lash packaging. Mia lashes vendor provides the best wholesale Lash Vendor packaging solution for Custom Eyelash Packaging vendor

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