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“Is to provide high quality faux Eyelash Vendors mink lashes at an affordable price, and through our products we work hard towards building long-lasting, meaningful Lash Vendors relationships with our clientele Wholesale Mink Lashes and our local community.” One of our best selling lashes will bring you just enough drama for everyday wear Lash Vendors. The V-formation effect and criss cross pattern will add the boldness you need to conquer Lash Vendor any situation. Take a look at the rest of our Lash Eyelash Vendor Family to discover which one is best for you:
*Lashes can be reused 25+ times with proper care

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Women of Value
The ideal OHMG Lash to amp up Lashes Vendor your lash game; These realistic-looking artificial lashes are Mink Eyelash Vendors simple to apply and blend in with your natural lashes 100% Human Hair. 100% Mink. Reusable and compatible with contact lenses. Exceptional: Make Eyelashes Vendors your appearance longer, fuller, and more defined. These extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear, since Mink Lash Vendors they are made of excellent grade.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

The OHMG Lash is to create a platform for Custom Eyelash Packaging all women to express their Melanin Magic. 3D mink lashes. 100% Human Hair, 100% Cruelty Free. Reusable and compatible with any contact Lashes Vendors lenses. Very Lightweight and easy to apply..

Hey Dolls !!

Lashes Adds Value to your Flirty or DATE Wholesale Lash Vendors look for the Night
Minks can be worn and reused
Have a light and natural Touch
Gives you that ”POP OUT & Cat Eye ”look
Our minks are 25mm
Gives your eyes the perfect Lashes Vendors look with or without makeup!
Cruelty Free
Long Lasting
We Recommended you Test all products on skin before Lash vendors USA applying Glue to avoid irritation.

Custom eyelash packaging USA
Custom eyelash packaging USA

Thank you so much for Supporting Our Black Owned Brand I’m so Excited to share New products with Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Everyone of you!!!

I wanted the girl’s to feel good about wearing Mink Lash Vendor our minks with that being said I want you too feel like you just got your lashes done and also look good with or without makeup I wanted to create a brand that gives you  Lash vendors that option to take your lashes off and put them on when you feel like it!

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

We want to Provide Excellent Customer Service Eyelashes vendors and 100% Top Quality in our products to our Dolls .

I am so excited to be sharing Lash Vendor my Brand with you my goal was to provide all my ladies with Affordable Mink Lashes that will add the perfect look to Eyelash Vendor any occasions “Because Lashes Matter”
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