Glitter Eyelash Extensions

Mix Colors Fashion Glitter Eyelash Extensions C Curl 0.07mm Shiny Colorful False Eyelash 12 Strips Individual lashes For Makeup

Mix Colors Glitter Eyelash Extensions Shiny Colorful False Lashes Faux Russian Volume Individual Lashes For Makeup Supplies wholesale mink eyelashes

Spec: Glitter Lashes Wholesale mink lashes vendor

Name: Glitter Color Lash Vendors

Length: 8~16mm




1.We use Hight quality PET label for this lash,the paper strip layer is easily peeled from basis, it will leave no paper scraps paper no
matter how long it pastes

2.stable curls,The curl kees stable for more than 2 years

3.Imported high quality material,certificated by SGS and MSDS, safe to our nature eyelash vendors. kink, and thickness standards, even at high temperatures

5..The root is clearit is easier to wear even for green hand

Color Lash Purple Blue Brown Green Red White Pink Yellow Eyelash Extensions Individual False Colored Mink Lashes Makeup


We used a special material which is soft, light and natural as human hair.
8 different colors to choose.
Easy picking up strip, no hierarchy and residue on eyelash holder.
Light color to highlight your outstanding charming.
Stable strong curl standard.
Used for party, dancing or even daily life.
We adopted an environment friendly combination wallpaper of paper and foil.
Light wallpaper color to make picking up different individual eyelash easily.
Our material has been certificated by SGS and MSDS, it is safe for everyone.

Products introduction

Name: color eyelash extension
Thickness: 0.05,0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15,0.18,0.20
Length: 8mm-25mm
Capacity: 12rows.

12 Strips Fashion Glitter Eyelash Extensions C Curl 0.15mm Individual False Eyelashes Glitter Silver Shimmery Colourful Lashes

NEW Glitter Ombre Colored Lashes Shining Colored Dramatic Eyelashes Mix Gold Pink Green Colorful Natural Fairy Party Lashes

Mix Colors Glitter Eyelash Extensions Shiny Colorful False Lashes Faux Russian Volume Individual Lashes For Makeup Supplies

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