Do Russian lashes damage your eyelashes?

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One reason why many beauty aficionados prefer the Russian Lashes is because of the overall natural look the ultra-fine lashes offer. If you want your eyelash vendor extensions to last longer, while also keeping that stunning and refreshed look, then Russian Lashes are the way to go.

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Russian volume lash extensions can give you a gorgeous, full-lashed look that is difficult to achieve with regular mascara. They can also help your own natural lash appear longer and thicker. And if applied correctly, they should cause no damage to your natural lashes.

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While you can wear eye makeup after two days following the application, you cannot apply mascara or any type of gel or liquid eyeliner to the upper eyelid. This is because such products will cause the lash glue to break down and this can result in damage to the lashes.

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Russian lash vendor will look much thicker and fuller and won’t look as natural as a Classic Lashes. The Russian volume eyelash extensions help fill in the gaps between sparse natural lashes that classic extensions could not do. The volume lashes create a fluffy, softer look to the lashes. They have been reported to cause less damage to the natural eyelash, because of the lighter weight.

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