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OHMG Lash is a cosmetic brand that Eyelash Vendors was created with a vision to initiate a change in the beauty industry, established in Qingdao city China. Our Lash Vendors revolutionary products will familiarize Wholesale Mink Lashes consumers with the meaning of unique and outstanding products, that is skin and environment friendly made Lash Vendor of cruelty-free materials.

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Black banded lashes, the band is Eyelash Vendor made of cotton, lashes are 3d mink lashes 100% cruelty free, very light on the eyes and can be used up to .30 times with the Ultimate black liner

These aren’t just any Lashes Vendor lashes…. They’re Luxury Lashes.
Black fast fanning lashes are high-quality lashes used to create quick customizable fans with the thinnest bases yet. Also known Eyelashes Vendors as easy fans.
Although the original fast fanning lashes are unbeatable, the fast fanning lashes 2.0 have new packaging Mink Lash Vendors and have been crafted to beat perfection.

Lash vendors USA

Fast fanning lashes (easy fans) are designed Mink Lashes Vendor to make lashing quick and simple!
Our favorite is the 0.07mm fast Lashes Vendors fanning lashes to create the perfect fans for hybrid and volume sets!
(Lash set above was Wholesale Lash Vendors created using the 0.07mm fast fanning lashes in D curl from 11-14mm).

Lash vendors

Flat lashes are the ultimate classic Custom Eyelash Packaging lashes. Designed for maximum retention and a more full look.
Fast fanning lashes used to create customizable fans. Chocolate brown Lash Vendors colored lashes can be used for a more natural look.

Eyelash Vendors usa

OHMG Lashes are  a well-renowned Lashes Vendors online store that has continually featured a variety of high-quality and affordable products since day one.Our Lash vendors USA brand of lashes are designed with purpose to create a story of who you are. Here at OHMG Lashes. we allow your beauty to tell HER-story  Eyelash Vendors Wholesale by selling eyelashes to create one. We are very passionate about our products. Each lash collection was created to tell a story about the owner. Let’s start telling your story with buying our lashes. Our excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us Mink Lash Vendor into the future.

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