What length of false mink eyelashes is the best?

What length of false mink eyelashes is the best?

As a beauty lover, wholesale mink eyelashes are one of our daily necessities lash vendors. However, there are many lengths of lashes extensions. What length lash extensions is the best eyelashes?
Some people like more natural eyelash vendors lash extensions and don’t want others to see that they are wearing false eyelashes vendors premade fans . At this time, you can choose eyelashes of 8mm-20mm. Wholesale Eyelashes of this length are natural lash vendors and beautiful eyelash vendors. More suitable for daily life, work and other occasions. Some people like more exaggerated eyelashes, which can make their eyes look bigger and their faces look smaller.

At this time, you can choose eyelashes of 20mm-25mm. Wholesale Eyelashes of this length are more curled and have a better three-dimensional effect. More suitable for informal occasions such as attending parties, taking pictures, and dating. Some people like to be the focal point. In order to pursue a distinctive effect, they like extra-long eyelashes, such as 27mm, 30mm, or even 70mm eyelashes. In fact, what suits you is the best lash vendors.

Asians have smaller eyes and are more suitable for shorter eyelashes extensions, while Europeans and Americans have larger eyes and are more suitable for longer eyelashes premade fans. It’s like we buy clothes, everyone’s size is different. The body size of Asians is different from that of Europeans and Americans. Europeans and Americans can refer to the size chart of Dimepiece LA.

In addition, the style of eyelashes will also affect the wearing effect. For example, some false eyelashes are sparse and will look natural. Some eyelashes have multiple layers, thicker, they will appear more dramatic. The tip of some eyelashes is more warped, and it will be more fluffy. There are crossover models and so on. We can try to wear each eyelash to make ourselves different every day.

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